Here Is How You Can Join ARCAS

     Here is everything you need to know if you would like to join our club!

     First, make sure that you meet the club Membership Requirements listed below, and come to a meeting and ask for a Member Information Sheet from either of the club council members and we will be happy to get you one. Fill it out during the meeting and turn it in to a council member. Or if you would like to fill it out now, you can do it on this site by clicking here. All forms will be sent to this email address:

     Second, just keep coming to the meetings and if you have time, volunteer to help with fundraisers and other activities. This is not mandatory, but it is very helpful to the club! :)

     Third, if you are interested in being a club council member for the upcoming semester, please tell us! We want everyone to have the opportunity to be as active in this club as possible.

Membership Requirements

     Yes, there are a few requirements to be in this club. The requirements are:

You MUST be enrolled at American River College to be in this club.

Your grades must be in Good Standing with the community college district.

     If you fit these two requirements, then come join us! We would love to have you learn about astronomy with us. If you would like more information, please send requests to:

      Please enter "Club Info Request" in the subject field.




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